PHIT America

Phit Perf LogoPHIT America is a cause and campaign dedicated to increasing physical activity and fitness to improve the health of America. PHIT America was launched in January 2013 with the support of over 100 companies and organizations working together to accomplish our mission. While the name PHIT sounds like FIT, it also has another meaning. PHIT stands for Personal Health Investment Today. We feel we must invest in fitness and sports activities today to improve the health of Americans.
The obesity crisis is well documented. It is a tremendous issue for many Americans and is driving up our overall health care costs. However, there is another huge issue, actually a global pandemic, which is equally troubling - Inactivity. While many organizations are focused on nutrition, PHIT America is totally focused on our mission: Help Americans to be a more active, playing more sports, and being fit resulting in a more healthy life. Simply said, PHIT America is a movement to reverse the "inactivity pandemic" which is hurting our country and Americans.

4 Key Strategies To Achieve Our Mission  

  1. Educate Americans about the issues and compel them to be active, fit, playing more sports to achieve better health
  2. Help to pass common sense U.S. legislation which will result in more active and fit Americans which will prevent health care costs
  3. Promote and support grassroots and school based programs which will get more children active, fit and healthy
  4. Bring together companies, organizations, celebrities, local "influencers" and concerned Americans to work on a common approach to get America more active, fit and healthy

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