Your 2023 NSAA Award Champions

See who won every category in safety, sustainability, marketing and growth at our 2023 National Convention & Tradeshow. Click on each category for information.

conversion cup

NSAA Conversion Cup Challenge

NSAA is calling on all member ski areas to convert, convert, convert! What is conversion? Conversion is simply the process of turning beginner skiers and riders into repeat customers, and ultimately lifelong enthusiasts of the sport. With this, NSAA has developed the Conversion Cup Challenge, a friendly competition among member ski areas that closely aligns with the industry's overall goals to grow the sport. NSAA's Conversion Cup Challenge is designed as a fun way to pique competition among member ski areas and recognize those who make significant efforts to boost skier and snowboarder conversion rates.
golden eagle logo

NSAA Golden Eagle Awards

Established in 1993, the Golden Eagle Awards are the highest honors bestowed on a ski area for environmental performance. The awards have been updated over the years to reflect changes in sustainability best practices and highlight the importance of climate change action and advocacy.
marketing awards

NSAA Marketing Awards

The NSAA Marketing Awards are presented annually to ski resorts across the country for their successful sales & marketing programs that help grow the sports of skiing and snowboarding.  These awards are designed to benefit the entire industry by raising overall marketing standards and promoting sustained growth of the industry. The awards recognize the best in ski area marketing campaigns.
safety awards

NSAA Safety Awards

Safety initiatives often fly under the radar, less razzle-dazzle than guest relations or marketing campaigns, yet equally important to the industry in retention, conversion and overall growth. Ski areas across the nation compete in six categories and the risk and safety departments aim to be just as inventive and interactive as their retail branding counterparts. The safety awards highlight the creative, innovative, and tried-and-true methods that keep guests and employees safe on the mountain.