Mountains are for everyone

Making inclusion a value among snowsports leaders

NSAA believes that mountains are for everyone. It is our responsibility to both listen and to use our platform to inspire action. Our association will provide assistance to its ski industry members by offering resources and education opportunities on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion. 

The NSAA team recognizes that understanding issues of diversity, equity and inclusion - and doing the work to create and foster inclusive mountain recreation and communities - is not a linear, "check the box" process. It requires a lifetime of listening, learning and action. We might make mistakes along the way, but we should not be deterred by tough conversations or situations.

Diversity is a reality; inclusion is both a value and a choice. 
We hope that all of our members will choose to join the conversation, welcome and amplify diverse voices, and take action in their own communities.

Pledge       Participation       Resources        Partners in Inclusion       Education for Members

What NSAA pledges to do:

1. Facilitate Internal Growth

  • Increase DEI training among our staff
  • Conduct regular discussions around the topics of diversity, equity and inclusion

2. Provide Education and Resources to Membership

  • Continue to feature content related to diversity, equity and inclusion in our education programming
  • Invite diverse speakers to present at our education events
  • Include DEI-related content and introduce diverse writers in NSAA Journal

3. Lead By Example

  • Support ski area, supplier and outdoor industry initiatives focused on diversity and inclusion in snowsports
  • Support non-profit associations dedicated to inclusivity and growth in snowsports and outdoor recreation