The SWAG program collects and distributes retired winter resort uniforms to people in overseas countries who desperately need something warm to wear during the cold winter months. SWAG has distributed 313,800 pieces of winter clothing to communities in over 30 countries since 2000.

          SWAG jackets          SWAG jackets

We connect ski areas with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to ensure the warmth and comfort of our global neighbors.  We've reached 313,800, and can't wait to keep going!


How to participate

The 2022-23 SWAG donation period is over and donations will resume in the fall of 2023. Please read our FAQs to ensure that your donation follows the program guidelines.

Since 2000, SWAG has donated to over 30 countries:

 Afghanistan  Albania  Armenia  Burma (Myanmar) China/Tibet 
 Estonia Ethiopia Georgia Germany Ghana
Greece Israel Jordan Kazakhstan Kosovo
Kyrgyzstan Latvia Lithuania Malawi Moldova
Mongolia Nepal Nigeria North Korea Peru
Poland Romania Russia Slovakia Syria
Tajikistan Tanzania Uganda Ukraine  

In the 2020/21 ski season, eight different countries received donations:

Moldova | Ukraine | Israel | Jordan | Peru | Ethiopia | Uganda | Romania