Ski areas across the United States are committed to lift safety and helping educate guests about the skills necessary to load and unload lifts safely. A skier's behavior has as much to do with the safety of the sport as does any piece of equipment from helmet to chair lift. Skiers and Riders: Click the button below to browse educational tips and resources to help you have a safe and fun day on the slopes and on the chair.

Discover Snow: Lift Safety

Ski Area Resources

NSAA endorses a wide variety of programs and signage to help ski areas educate their guests on lift safety. Review the materials below, and see what fits best to share with your skiers and riders.

Lift Safety Tips

Remind your guests about these common points to help them have a more informed experience on the chairlift. This list complements the skier and rider Responsibility Code.

  • Be familiar with the type of lift you are riding, and ask for help if you need it.
  • Before loading, remove backpacks and secure loose items. Remove pole straps from wrists.
  • Look over your shoulder to watch the chair approach.
  • Sit all the way in the chair, with your back to the seat rest.
  • If the lift has a restraint bar, wait until everyone is seated, and slowly reach up and lower the bar. Do not attempt to lower the bar if you cannot reach it! Adults should always help kids to lower the bar.
  • Be aware of your surroundings while riding the lift. If you drop something, let it fall! You can always ask ski patrol for help retrieving the lost item.
  • As you approach the top terminal, prepare to raise the bar. Look for signs advising you to do so to help with your timing.

Video resources

Check out the videos below for some great examples, tips and tutorials to share with your guests. Link to or embed these on your resort website.